Recreation & Burial Committee

  • Cllr Lucy Buck (Chair)
  • Cllr Graham Watson-Smith (Vice Chair)
  • Cllr Beverley Johnstone
  • Cllr Robert Harris
  • Cllr Norman Wickenden
  • Cllr David Hiles
  • Cllr James Kitchenham
  • Cllr Janice Richardson
  • Cllr Adrian Martin
  • Cllr Jemma Cahan
  • Cllr Paul Beach
  • Clerk to the Committee – Trevor Thorpe (Deputy Clerk)


  • Supporting Documentation

The Parish Council is responsible for the following areas of Parish land:

  • Recreation ground and car park, North Street, Rotherfield.
  • St Denys’ old burial ground at the rear of St Denys’ Church, Rotherfield.
  • Rotherfield Parish cemetery, Eridge Lane, Rotherfield.
  • Amenity land between Court Meadow and The Surgery, Rotherfield.
  • Car parking area adjacent to Rotherfield Parish Cemetery, Eridge Lane, Rotherfield.
  • Millennium Green and car park, Mark Cross.
  • Allotment site off Chant Lane.

Delegated Responsibilities

  • To monitor and tender for contractors to maintain grass, hedges and trees.
  • To monitor and annually review the litter picker’s contract in conjunction with the Highways Committee.
  • To review and amend the scale of fees, rules and regulations relating to the Old Burial Ground and Parish Cemetery.
  • To liaise with the Allotment Society.
  • To act on behalf of the Community under Powers granted by s45 of the 2006 Commons Act to protect the area of unregistered Common Lane known as Town Row Green should this be required.

Committee Terms of Reference