Monthly News

February 2020

Tick Tock We Have a Working Clock!

One of the requests from a parishioner at a Mark Cross drop-in surgery was to fix the clock at Mark Cross Community Centre. We are very grateful to Chris Croft who bought it back to life. The remarkable church clock was given by the parishioners and their friends to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. The clock face is mounted over the front entry door and the mechanism is installed in the kitchen which is truly a work of art whilst you are making a cuppa.

Drop-in Surgeries in 2020

Following the success of the drop-in surgeries reintroduced at the end of last year, the Parish Council have agreed to hold a Surgery once a month in 2020 across Rotherfield, Mark Cross and Eridge to give parishioners the opportunity to meet the councillors who represent them. We very much look forward to having a cup of tea with you and listening to your suggestions or concerns. You can find our schedule here.

In March, we will be at the Deer Park Cafe on Tuesday 3rd March between 10.15 – 11.30.

Tidying up the Pavement down Station Road

Following a comment from a Parishioner, our contractors have been very busy over the last few weeks cutting back and clearing the pavement on Station Road. We hope that it will make walking into and out of Rotherfield village centre easier for everyone.

If you have any concerns about pavements elsewhere in the parish that are overgrown or need tidying please contact Trevor our Clerk.

Lighting up the Parish

The Parish Council own 97 street lights throughout the Parish. To save energy, a number of the street lights are turned off between 11pm-6am. We are installing low energy LED units when they become due for replacement and the latest new streetlight (pictured left) is in the centre of Rotherfield Village.

If you wish to report any issues or if you live in an area of our Parish that needs more light then please do let us know. The cost of installing a new unit is in the region of £3000 dependent on the proximity of power supply so we need to make sure that this investment makes the greatest impact.

VE Day 75th Anniversary Street Party


Winston Churchill

When VE Day dawns on 8th May 2020 it will be 75 years since the guns fell silent at the end of the war in Europe. Years of carnage and destruction had come to an end. The 75th anniversary will provide us with an opportunity to reflect on the enormous sacrifice, courage and determination of people from all walks of life who saw us through this dark and terrifying period and celebrate as people did 75 years ago, the arrival of peace in Europe.

A working group comprising of the Parish Council and organisations across our parish has been set up to organise a street party and entertainment at midday, a national toast at 3pm, lighting of the beacon at 18.45 and ‘ringing out for peace’ at 19.00. On Sunday 10th May there will be a VE 75th Anniversary Service at St Denys’ Church

FREE Hearing Tests in Rotherfield

Next month on Monday 16th March between 12 – 4pm the East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre will be offering FREE hearing screening tests to those who feel their hearing is decreasing. Hearing aid maintenance and batteries on behalf of the NHS so please bring your brown book!


GP Surgery Makeover

Our wonderful councillor Graham and his right hand man Clive have been working hard giving our GP Surgery a facelift. The Council has paid for new fascia boards and guttering and local artist David Peacock has designed a lovely new sign.

All that needs doing now is removing the moss on the roof. If there is anyone who would like to help us please do get in touch with Trevor our Clerk.

New Finger Posts

You might have noticed signs throughout the Parish are currently in the process of being repaired or cleaned. Two direction signs on the corner of Rotherfield Stores were repaired this month by local sign writer and artist David Peacock.

When the old signs were removed by two brave Parish Councillors, David found a handwritten note on the back from himself with the date that they originally went up – the signs had lasted just shy of 20 years having gone up in 2000.

Please don’t ‘leaf’ others with the problem

Can you see the drain? Could we please make a plea to all householders not to sweep or leaf-blow their leaves into the streets and roads of our villages?

This is causing residual damage to the highways as the leaves block the gullies that are there to drain surface water from our roads leaving roads like Church Road looking like a river.

Top Tip: If you sweep your leaves up and bag them up wet in black plastic rubbish sack, over the winter they will rot down into useful leaf-mould to mulch or dig in to improve your flower beds next year.

And Finally…A word (or two) from our Chair and Vice Chair of Highways

“SID”, our speed recording device, continues to be deployed throughout the Parish mainly at locations which are deemed to present a hazard or where there is likelihood of excessive speed. The latest results showed the average speed in this 30mph speed limit was 31.22mph; an average sort of speed for responsible drivers.

But there are several drivers (or maybe just one thoughtless individual) who registered 53mph, 58mph or, in the worst example, 68mph at 2:45pm. This is quite unacceptable on a road that has children walking to school and at sometimes of the day, horses being ridden.

The Speed Indication Device records in intervals of 15 minutes. In one 15-minute slot, a driver was recorded at 53mph at the same time as one was timed at 5mph, presumably just exiting Padfield Close. One can only hope that the speeding driver didn’t come up behind the slow driver at the same time.

Our data is shared with the Police and other “Safer Roads” partners to identify problem areas and improve safety. We are also now monitoring and reporting illegal and obstructive parking to improve traffic flow.

We would ask everyone to be mindful of their driving and parking to maintain a SAFE PARISH.

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