Monthly News

JUNE 2020

Bees buzzing in the Old Burial ground:
Two colonies were collected on Bank Holiday Monday 25th May from the supplier in Robertsbridge. They are now in situ in their hazel wattle shelter designed by James Woodgate. We are hoping for a bumper crop of honey as they are building up well. RPC have two recruits to manage the apiary see attached photo.

Contact with the Wealden Prevention Team:
The Parish Council were asked to communicate some of the concerns and key issues affecting our parish to the Wealden prevention Team for investigation by the PCSO. Initially we reported the following areas:
Eridge Station – Junction with the A26 and the station approach (Groombridge Lane). The double yellow lines here are frequently abused with vehicles parking right up to the junction. Parking by the Forge Road junction. Residents have expressed concerns that vehicles parked in this location block access to emergency service vehicles.
North Street Rotherfield – The yellow lines outside the “Institute” are frequently abused, often by the same vehicle, and a report has been raised via “Operation Crackdown” as it creates a hazard for pedestrians and other vehicles.
B2101 “High Cross” between the A267 Bicycle Arms junction and Mayfield turn – This length of road is subject to a 40mph limit which residents have reported is frequently breached. There are a number of properties either adjacent to the road or with driveways joining it which adds to the potential hazard caused by speeding.
We will continue to provide updates to the team throughout the year.

SID Statistics Packhams Hill:

This last month SID has been deployed on the B2100 and shows that a significant number of vehicles are driving at speeds between 30-39mph. We would ask drivers to be respectful of the speed limit on this road which is 30mph.

Countryside Code:
We have had an increase of reports recently from landowners across the Parish regarding walkers not following the Countryside Code whilst crossing their land. Please ensure that when you are out and about that you follow the code. Thank you.

Eridge Station Works:
Network Rail have informed us about works due to start at Eridge Station on 27th June and last until the end of September.

Before we begin the work of removing the existing footbridge, we will also be creating a customer diversion route at the station. This is to ensure that there is a safe walking route for passengers boarding and alighting services on Platform 1 only. There will be no transition available between Platform 1 and 2 for the duration of the project. We will also be ensuring there are transfers in place to take passengers safely from the front of the station to the car park, which will be implemented from Monday 29th June.

Telephone Kiosks:
We are pleased to be able to report that work has begun on converting the two telephone kiosks in Rotherfield to their new ventures. Work is well underway, and we will bring you full information about their uses next month.

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