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MArch 2021

During recent months Eridge station has seen a real facelift, with many improvements made by both Network Rail and Southern, the local train operating company 

One recent addition to the station is a beautiful piece of artwork commissioned by Rotherfield Parish Council, which has now gone on display for all to enjoy.  Rotherfield Parish Council funded the £1,500 mural as part of the regeneration plan for the station, which includes improved access, complete redecoration, and the refurbishment of a disused platform waiting room. It was the idea of former parish councillor Adam Hardy and Sharon Gray from the Southeast Communities Rail Partnership and is the work of local artist, historical railway enthusiast and retired signwriter, David Peacock.

The mural, which measures eight feet by four feet, took Mr Peacock several weeks from start to finish but was almost a labour of love as he has a keen interest in railways and local history.

David said “I started work in 1957 as a “studio boy” in a London advertising agency and worked mainly on press advertising until the 1980s. I then switched to traditional signwriting for the next 40 years and also did line-drawing illustrations sold as prints. My early commuting days were by steam locomotive and I retain a great affection for them, though sadly we don’t have a line or station in Rotherfield any more.”

Sharon Gray added “We are really grateful for the generosity of the Parish Council, this stunning artwork will be enjoyed by all who visit and is a great addition to the heritage status of this beautiful station.”

North Street & Hornshurst Road Parking & Driving:

With the children now back at school and relative normality around the corner, our attention is once again focused on road safety in Rotherfield. We are in the process of resurrecting our Speedwatch group but before that starts, Rotherfield Parish Council would like to urge both residents and visitors to our village to drive with care and consideration for others.

Already we have had complaints of thoughtless drivers taking to the pavement in North Street to get round obstructions and parked cars, especially just before and just after the school opens and closes. With parents pushing buggies and holding toddlers by the hand having to cross the road between the village hall car park and the school the consequences of such action do not bear thinking about. If you see bad driving and even better if you can catch it on your mobile phone camera, you can report it to Operation Crackdown, the Sussex Police and Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, which has a dedicated web page for the purpose. Alternatively, pass on full details to the Parish Clerk to report.

On the same subject we are dismayed to report that a disabled lady with her own dedicated car parking space on Hornshurst Road has had her car hit seven times and not one of these selfish  drivers bothered to leave their details on her car. It is not as if these people are unaware that they hit her car as presumably their own vehicle was affected as well. All it needs is for the drivers to exercise some care in Hornshurst Road, which admittedly is not all that wide, when they are passing her car. If it happens again hopefully someone will get the errant driver’s number.

Finally we are in the process of attempting to get the rather muddy verge alongside the recreation ground given a hard surface in order to ease the parking problem in North Street. This is a complicated business as the verge belongs to East Sussex County Council Highways Department and the council will need to get a licence to do this work as well as funding it and dealing with utility companies and so on. However, we are hopeful that within the course of the next year or so we may be able to report that we have got the go-ahead to start work.

SID Statistics Catts Hill:

Throughout January and early February SID was deployed on Catts Hill to monitor the traffic on that part of the B2100.

It appears that the majority of Vehicles drive under the 40mph speed limit.  However, there is still a concerning number of vehicles exceeding the limit on an area of road with limited visibility and no pavement.  Please drive carefully thorough this party of the parish.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Rotherfield Surgery Windows:

The Parish Council are pleased to have completed the project for the replacement of all the windows at Rotherfield Surgery.  The staff have commented how lovely and bright it is inside the building now.

Parish Survey Results – Lobbying for the future:

As part of the Parish Survey we asked the community what you would like the Parish Council to lobby District and County Councils for over the next year and into the future.

The most popular option was for a 7.5 ton limit in the parish for larger vehicles. The council continue to lobby East Sussex Highways regarding a variety of traffic measures across the parish and hope to bring you updates soon.

The second most popular option was a Cycle/Footpath from Rotherfield to Jarvis Brook.  This project is something the council have been investigating for a number of years now and continue to explore options for walking and cycling throughout the whole parish.

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