Highways, Lighting & Transport Committee

  • Cllr James Kitchenham (Chair)
  • Cllr Paul Beach (Vice Chair)
  • Cllr Robert Harris
  • Cllr Beverley Johnstone
  • Cllr Peter Kember
  • Cllr Jemma Cahan
  • Cllr Norman Wickenden
  • Cllr Adrian Martin
  • Clerk to the Committee – Trevor Thorpe (Deputy Clerk)


  • Supporting Documents – 9th November 2021

Delegated Responsibilities

  • To act within the annually agreed budget and expenditure guidelines.
  • To monitor street cleaning, public waste bins and litter including monitoring and annually reviewing the litter picker’s contract.
  • To maintain and provide bus shelters within the Parish.
  • To monitor and raise car parking issues in the Parish with ESCC and/or Sussex Police.
  • To support the Parish Speedwatch Team.
  • To monitor the network of Rights of Way within the Parish and raise issues with the ESCC Rights of Way Team for action.
  • To consult the public and monitor opinion on highways and lighting issues and take action if within the Council’s powers and budget if considered necessary, or raise these issues with ESCC Highways Departmentor other relevant authority.
  • To identify potholes and other outstanding maintenance issues to the highway network within the parish, refer them to the Highways Authority, Parish Highways Steward or utility provider and monitor progress.
  • To consider and respond to consultation documents relating to highways, transport and lighting issues.
  • To monitor the state of grass verges within the Parish and refer action to preserve and maintain them if necessary to the Parish Council and the Highways Authority.
  • To monitor trees and hedges adjacent to public highways and other rights of way and take appropriate action or liaise with the Highways Authority, in cases where these are causing obstruction to vehicles, pedestrians or street lighting.

Committee Terms of Reference