Finance & General Purposes Committee

  • Cllr. Louise Henrick (Chair)
  • Cllr. Angela Moore (Chair of Communications and Social Media)
  • Cllr. David Hiles (Chair of Planning and Building)
  • Cllr. Adrian Martin (Chair of Highways)
  • Cllr. Graham Watson Smith (Chair of Rec and Burial)



  • Review the budgets of each Council Committee to enable production of a combined annual budget.
  • Consider the Annual Budget of the Council and funds unspent from the preceding year’s budget to calculate the Annual Precept Requirement of the Council so that approval may be considered by the Full Council.
  • Review the Council cash reserves so that they may be kept at a level appropriate to anticipated financial risk.
  • Identify and earmark reserves for specific projects, unallocated reserve or contingency reserve.

Annual Budgets & Terms of Reference: