The Rotherfield Trust

(Company number 963299  Charity number 260329)

In 2011 the Abbeyfield House in Rotherfield was sold, and the proceeds invested in the newly formed Rotherfield Trust, with a view to providing finance for charitable projects, and needs within the Parish of Rotherfield and Mark Cross.

Since 2012 when the first requests started to appear there has been a steady stream of grants made. As trustees we are particularly pleased to have made considerable grants to the Rotherfield Primary School with the building of a new classroom facility, and to the Rotherfield Scouts in the construction of a new Scout Hall. Both of these projects will be of major significance to the young within the village.

Our work continues and the list of grants made since our inception speaks for itself.

If you would like to make an application on behalf of an institution or you know of an individual case in need of help or support please contact:

The Rotherfield Trust, Old Milk Lodge, Church Road, Rotherfield, TN63LA   (01892 852645 ) Andrew Fermor  Chairman.

Should you wish to contact any of the trustees they are :

Mark Dawkins  852714  Robin Holliday  852425 Jean Van Beek 655853

Nick Rowton  655308   Betty Gray 853803    Mike/ Lindy Whitlam 853111



Rotherfield & Brook Surgeries League Of Friends

(Charities Commission number: 802475)

The League of Friends was formed in 1989, with the aim of providing better facilities and equipment for the patients of both surgeries. It is run by a committee comprising patients of Rotherfield and Jarvis Brook surgeries. Since 1989 we have bought many items of equipment identified by the doctors as beneficial to patient care.

In the last 10 years alone, money raised through various fund raising efforts has provided essential medical equipment costing over £30,000 including defibrillators, blood pressure monitors, blood analysers, ear syringing kits and anti-coagulation monitors. As well as new purchases the money covers the cost of maintaining and operating existing equipment at both surgeries.

Membership of the League of Friends (single annual membership is a minimum of £5, and £8 for families)

In addition to fundraising, the committee works to raise the profile of the Friends and welcomes new members, additional committee members or volunteers. Contact Chairman Andrew Fermor on 01892 852645, or leave your name and telephone number with the receptionist at the surgery.



Charity No. 235516

Generally referred to as the “Smith and Fermor Charity” the charity benefits from income generated by trusts created in the 18th Century. The original purpose was for the income received to be distributed for the benefit of the “poor and needy” of the “Ancient Parish of Rotherfield” which now consists of the modern day parishes of Rotherfield (including Mark Cross, Town Row, Boars Head and part of Eridge) and Crowborough.  The Charity still receives reasonable sums each year but the number of cases that come to the Trustees for consideration has dwindled.

The Trustees are the Town Clerk of Crowborough and Parish Clerk of Rotherfield, together with a representative from each of these Parishes. The objectives of the Charity have recently been reviewed and updated to express them in more modern language whilst still remaining true to the spirit and intentions of the original benefactors. The new objectives have been accepted by the Charity Commissioners and are as follows:-

  • The relief of financial hardship among people living in Rotherfield and Crowborough civil parishes by providing such persons with goods or services which they could not otherwise afford through lack of means.
  • The provision of financial support to Charities or other not for profit bodies delivering support and services to elderly people living in Rotherfield and Crowborough civil parishes.
  • The provision of financial support to Charities or other not for profit bodies assisting in the treatment, care and support of persons living in Rotherfield and Crowborough civil parishes suffering from mental or physical illness of any description or in need of rehabilitation as a result of such illness.
  • The provision of financial support to Charities or other not for profit bodies providing recreational, educational or leisure time activities to develop the skills, capacities and capabilities of children, young people and others with special needs living in Rotherfield and Crowborough civil parishes to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.

The Trustees consider all applications sympathetically within the terms of the governing trust deed. In recent times grants have been made for the following purposes:-

  1. Assisting a social group for the blind.
  2. Helping with travelling costs for regular hospital treatment visits.
  3. Purchasing a mobility scooter.
  4. Paying Court Fees

If you wish to apply or are aware of cases that you believe we may be able to help, please contact our Secretary, Trevor Thorpe, at or on 01892 664245. You may be assured that complete confidentiality will be preserved.


Crowborough Community First Responders (CFRs)

CFRs are specially trained volunteers who respond to 999 calls with South East Coast Ambulance Service. As a registered charity, we rely on donations in order to bring more CFRs onto the road. The scheme is one of the best performing within the South East Coast Ambulance Service coverage area, with our volunteers currently providing around 7,500 volunteer hours, responding to approximately 600 incidents per year, in Crowborough and surrounding parishes.

In the UK there around 60,000 cardiac arrests every year, with around 50% of those taking place outside of hospital. Getting help to patients fast is extremely important. Whilst our volunteers attend a wide range of calls, lives have been saved by the available resource of our volunteers to high priority calls ahead of backup arriving. Often our CFRs will also respond to urgent calls of help when not on duty, continuing to provide care to the communities we cover.

Also affiliated to the British Heart Foundation, the CFRs further give up their time providing free training HeartStart training sessions, instructing basic life saving skills.

Anyone wishing to join the team, either as a frontline CFR, fundraiser or wishes to enquire about HeartStart or any other matter, should contact